I Made a Thing

Hey guys,

Super quick post here. You’ve likely noticed how quiet the blog’s been in the past month or so, and it’s because I’ve been participating in not one (!) but TWO (!!) game jams (!!!) for the month of November!


The first was a solo project in my usual wheelhouse — a text adventure written quite a bit like a screenplay called Euretta. In it, a Stranger wanders the wild northwestern forests of California as a type of underworld as he searches to bring his wife back from the dead.

As with all tragedies, not everything is as it first appears.

I’m also accepting $2 donations for these projects, should one be so inclined. $1 goes to me, and the other dollar goes to the incredibly talented Max Lescohier, a videogame composer and musician who makes some great cinematic, atmospheric stuff, and kindly contributed about 4 minutes worth of music to Euretta.

Hopefully you’ll hear about the next project soon. Cheers!